Ways of Mantra healing- by Bhaktamar Stotra

  • Bhaktamara Stotra is a famous Jain Sanskrit prayer. It was composed by AcharyaManatunga (7th century CE). The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two Sanskrit names, “Bhakta” (Devotee) and “Amar” (Immortal).
  • The prayer praises Rishabhnath(adinath), the first Tirthankara of Jainism in this time cycle.
  • There are 48 verses in total. Bhaktamara Stotra- 48 Magical Solutions for all your problems.
  • The last verse gives the name of the author Manatunga. Bhaktamar verses have been recited as a stotra (prayer), and sung as a stavan (hymn), somewhat interchangeably. Other Jain prayers have taken after these (such as the Kalyānamandira stotra, devoted to the twenty-third tirthankara, and the Svayambhu stotra, to all twenty-four); additional verses here praise the omniscience of Adinatha, while devotionals are considered a source for lay understandings of Jain doctrine.
  • 48 Magical Solutions for all your problems. The Bhaktamar Chanting in a simplified way so that every people with special needs & physical disciplines and those living in geographically remote areas can access it & benefit from it. Bhaktamar Mantra Healing is the magical gateway to cure so-called incurable diseases like cancers, kidney problems, heart and lung diseases, chronic skin problems, mental illness and addictions, and much more.
  • Bhaktamar Mantra Healing solves your financial crisis and legal problems and makes your life peaceful and productive.
  • “Bhaktamar Stotra” is a devotional hymn, in the Jain poetic tradition this hymn has its own great glory and dignity, independent identity.
  • In the court of King Harsha of Avanti, two great learned pundits named Mayura and Baana impressed the king through miracles corresponding to their respective learning. Mayur Pandit praised the Sun-god for the cure of leprosy caused by the curse of his daughter and while composing the sixth verse, the Sun-god appeared and gave a boon which cured leprosy.
  • The miracle of his own father-in-law, Mayur Pandit, became a matter of competition for Pandit Baan. Baan Pandit promised to the king that he would perform miracles by worshiping Chandika-Devi. Baan Pandit got both his hands and feet cut off and with the effect of the stotra, hands and feet became as they were. The king was overjoyed by this miracle.
  • After that everyone in the king’s court started worshiping both the pundits and their religion. Once other religions were being discussed in the court and it was said that all other religions are meaningless. Then many pundits told the king that there is no unique effect of such mantras in Jains. That’s why the head of the king told the king that Jainacharya Pu. Mantung Surishwarji is currently ensconced in our kingdom and he is a very learned monk.
  • Hearing this, the king Sent a call to Mantung Surishwarji and said that you also show the miracle of your God and Jainism. Pujya Acharya Mantung Surishvarji Maharaj said that Jain saints have the desire to attain salvation and they do not hurt any living being with the help of Yantra/Tantra. Still if the king insists he can show him the power of bhakti.
  • By saying this, Acharyashree bound himself with 44 fetters and locked him in a dungeon with heavy locks and composed a new poem named “Bhaktamar”. He kept on saying one verse by another and due to the amazing effect of the verse, 44 shackles were automatically broken one by one and the locks of the dungeon were also broken automatically.
  • The king was surprised to see this incident and being influenced by Jainism, Pu. Manatung became an ardent devotee of Surishvarji and Lord Shri Adinath.
  • The composition of the presented Bhaktamar Stotra has been done in “Vasantatilaka Chhand”. The glory of this stotra increased with time.


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