CLAT 2022 Exam Postponed (Stressed?) — Law Prep Tutorial Lucknow

Okay, this may sound like boasting, but I’m clearly over-qualified to answer this question in terms of experience. I rarely get stressed during an exam. I live in a hostel where I’m known to be completely chilled out before exams and I advice others to do the same. So let me give you some easy tips which might help lower down your stress level during exams.

1. Trivial as it may sound, STUDY! The more prepared and comfortable you are with the syllabus, the more confidence you’ll have in yourself before approaching the exam. Once again, study thoroughly. If short of time give preference to revising what you have studied so far than just halfheartedly trying to go though all topics.

Now coming to the actual points you are looking for to reduce stress:

2. Say to yourself that you know everything: No this is not over-confidence. When you are done with your syllabus or in situations when you don’t have enough time to complete the entire syllabus, stress will screw whatever you have done too. You don’t want that to happen. If you have less time to prepare, you really can’t help that, can you? But what is in your hands is control how you feel about it. Instead of stressing over what you haven’t done, feel confident what about you have. This will greatly enhance your performance in the topics that you have covered. I know it is not the same as covering the entire syllabus, but it extremely minimizes the losses.

There have been times when the subject was of too much importance to me and I felt my preparation wasn’t up to the mark. Instead of crying about it and spoiling what I already knew, I discussed it with myself (yes, I talk to myself, all the time!) and others for half an hour or something, and then assertively said to myself that “No, you are wrong. You are good at it and you know the basics. You are good at applying the basics. In fact you are better at it than others sometimes. If you didn’t have enough time to prepare, nor did others. Everybody is in the same boat. What you have extra is confidence in whatever you’ve done.” I don’t know about others, with me it sure works.

3. Get the bigger picture: Whatever you study, try to get the bigger picture. When the syllabus is too much and you have to get into the nitty-gritty of everything, you might loose sight of the bigger picture. Don’t let this happen to you. Because when you study the details and forget the bigger picture, in case you forget what you studied, you won’t be able to come up with a suitable answer yourself. On the other hand, when you have the bigger picture in your mind, even at times when you forget the minute details, you can come up with a satisfactory answer without stressing yourself in the exam.

4. Try to feel complete: After completing your preparations, try to sum up all the points in your head. Make categories and sub-categories and list the points under each of them in your head. This is a great way of revising and retaining information longer. Also, after doing this, you feel like you are thoroughly done with the syllabus and this significantly lowers your stress level. It does wonders in boosting your confidence once you are done with the exercise.

5. Night-outs aren’t for everybody: I know how they become a necessity during exams when you aren’t even halfway through the syllabus or that is one of your scoring subjects and you can’t afford to loose marks in it, but believe me, not everybody can pull an all-nighter and not everybody can perform their best after pulling one. Do as much as your body permits, maybe a little more, but don’t go too far. Health is a very important aspect to take care of while exams. It sub-consciously affects you a lot. You tell me, what is the point of working so hard and end up screwing everything just because your body couldn’t take it. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you did a little less and performed excellently in that?



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