Bhaktamar Stotra -Vaastu Tips on Deepawali

Vaastu shastra says whatever is displayed should be pleasing to the eyes and mind and bring joy and cheer to those who see it. Aesthetic and cultural aspects should also be taken into consideration when choosing decorative items or paintings and pictures and placing them in our home

Decoration of the front door

The front door must be neat, clean and not make creaking sounds. A silver swastika should be placed on the main door as it keeps the evils out of the house. main door The Asthamangala sign, the seat of the lotus, which bears a sacred garland of eight auspicious symbols, can also be placed. Goddess Laxmi should be welcomed by stamping small footprints at the entrance of the house, they should always show the inward movement. A colourful toran/bandarwal should be hung on the main door. The ideal toran is made from the leaves of mango, kaner, pepal and ashok trees. They help in purifying the environment and keep the negative vibrations out of the house.

Inside the house A tray with water and floating petals looks wonderful and when placed in the east/north, it also benefits the owner. inside the house Symbols like Swastik, Om, Rangoli decorations should be placed on the north/east walls. A rangoli with burning earthen diyas in the southeast corner of the house not only looks beautiful but will also benefit the wealth of the owner.

On the eve of Diwali

Place two earthen diyas on both sides of the main entrance door. on the eve of DiwaliWhen placing the diyas in front of the house, place them in groups of four as each diya represents the ruling deity of Diwali — Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Kuber and Lord Indra. Place floating candles with rose petals and pure water in the centre of the house to create positivity in the house.

The environment

A tidy environment is important to regulate and enhance the flow of positive energy in the surroundings. Laxmi ji enters the house that is neat and clean. Environment Open spaces allow positive energy to move freely throughout the household. Any obstacle to this balanced flow of energy should be removed. The house should be well lit and no corner should be in darkness.

Gifts according to Vaastu

Vaastu tells us what gifts we should give to our friends, relatives and colleagues. There are some gifts that should not be given strictly according to Vaastu principles, as this could lead to hostility and worsen relationships. Vaastu suggests that antique items should not be given as according to Vaastu According to Vaastu, paintings can be given as gifts and they should be taken with Vaastu directions such as watery paintings must be placed in the northeast, rocky paintings must be placed in the southwest and fire paintings must be taken to the southeast. Armour is associated with war, revenge and blood, so these items and their associated paintings must not be given as gifts. Crystals are always good for gifts, but they must be placed in a specific location, to the east of the house. Stone and metal items should be brought in a southerly direction and a water fountain should be placed in the northeast. Leather items should not be given as gifts, as they are made of the skin of dead animals and are therefore considered unfavourable.

Rangoli Trend

Making rangoli on Diwali is an old trend where different colours are used to create a pattern and welcome guests. Rangoli are basically made at the main entrance to welcome everyone. It exudes a certain pattern in colour. Rangoli designs should be ethnic and exude a sense of infinity of time. Celestial symbols like moon, stars and other signs are often used as motifs for rangoli.

Enhancing Rangoli with Vaastu

Lighting according to Vaastu positive energy to enter the home.Rangoli It should be noted that pre-made rangoli depicting Laxmi Ganesh should not be placed on doorsteps as it is inconvenient. The symbols like swastika/Om should not be made in the rangoli on the floor. The footprints representing the entrance of Laxmi ji should go in the direction of entering the house and not coming out.The colours of the rangoli should match the colours of the lights. With the right colour and light in the right direction according to Vaaastu, your chances of wealth, success and prosperity will be increased

Lighting according to Vaastu

The colours of lighting should be red, blue, orange, green, white and yellow. These are the main hues that can be used in lighting to brighten your place and your mind. There are some basic rules in which direction you can use these specific colours either in the light or in the rangoli: If the main entrance is to the north/northeast, the predominant colours should be green/yellow light .If the main entrance is to the east, then yellow is the colour. The main entrance to the southeast should be highlighted by the colour red. The main entrances to the south/southwest/west should have a combination of red and blue. In the northwest, the main colour should be blue.


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